Road Trip Recovered

Needless to say, it was an incredible 10 days on the road, 5 days in Connecticut, and 1 night in Hoboken. I made it back in one piece, but here are some snapshots from the trip.

TIP: Next time you go to San Francisco, go to this Chinese restaurant and order the hot wings. Be prepared to have your mind blown.

Hood Slam, Oakland. The best entertainment no one ever told you about.

The place where all those people ate each other, many, many years ago. Beautiful hiking and camping spot not too far away from SF.

(This is what the majority of the trip looked like)

Antelope Island, UT is a gorgeous island inhabited by wild bison and antelope year round. Located right in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.

I will be returning to Moab, UT in this lifetime.

We didn’t get too many pictures of Colorado, but I have never experienced a more breathtaking state in my life. On the drive from Utah to Denver alone we drove through 3 national parks, including our detour through Rocky Mountain National Park.

It wouldn’t be a road trip without a pit stop in Nebraska and a quick reunion with an old friend!

I wish I took more pictures while in Connecticut..

Last hoorah with the ladies from high school in Hoboken!

We also stopped in Chicago and Pittsburgh, but by day 8 it was hard to capture every moment! The parks and camping was an incredible experience and I am so lucky to get to see so many new cities for the first time! I’m definitely warming up to the Midwest after such a monumental trip.