Working with Thinkso Creative over the past year as one of the primary branding designers for KCG Holdings*, I was brought on as a designer to a team with a deep understanding of what it means to support a brand visually from every angle of the business. From monthly e-blasts, to large scale graphics at their annual UnConvention, to polishing off their annual report with a digital supplement, the brand lived in every single detail of the design. From stringent color palettes and secret meaning embedded in language that may only resonate with the internal team it is intended for, KCG and Thinkso put care and concern into every piece of collateral that was ever put out. Wholistic branding came to a whole new level when working with KCG and Thinkso, which is evident even in the few small pieces I helped them craft together. 

*Formerly KCG Holdings, now known as Virtu Financial.