If you think you’re ambitious—just wait until see what Jeff Bajorek has been up to recently. Coming to me initially to help brand his new podcast, The Why and the Buy, our relationship took off in a much more profound direction when he decided to enlist me to do his personal branding as well. Starting with a name change to calling himself who he is, Jeff’s new identity was off to a thriving start as clients began to respond to his new look. And just when you thought re-branding, re-launching your business, maintaining a podcast, all while doing the regular duties of lectures and workshops, was enough—Jeff hits me up for an e-book design as well. Having neither of us done an e-book before, we took it upon ourselves to have fun and play around with what it could become. Jeff, being the trusting client that he is, let me “do what I do best,” leaving me with full control over the design, complete with 100% custom illustration work. Through (very) little pushback, and almost no design changes (dream client anyone?!) Jeff has also now successfully launched “Re-Think the Way You Sell”—available to download through his website. Thanks, Jeff!