Hi! I'm Liz

I am an independent branding designer, helping craft the stories of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyone with a passion and drive just to make it. Think of me as your teammate and a partner—someone who genuinely cares about growing your business as much as you do. It’s my job to take your ideas from white paper docs and miscellaneous thoughts, into color and a visual presence, that truly embodies what you want your business to become. I will listen to your stories, capture your likes and dislikes, and at the end of the day, can provide a visual direction that we are both proud of.

Moving from the world of advertising with big brands, to designing in small firms, I’ve had exposure to working with clients ranging from Diageo to UBS Investment Bank—with great teams of people supporting me along the way. By late 2017, I decided to shift my focus to working independently with some of the most rewarding clients I’ve had to date, fostering a 1-1 relationship to help grow these bustling small businesses through design.


With this new switch and my new found independence, I also have the fortunate opportunity of being able to take my work with me on the road, on a new adventure across Central and South America. Working through the Wifi Tribe for the first half of 2018, I will continue to cater to new and existing branding clients from the likes of Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia—picking up some Spanish and expanding my creative horizons through new cultures along the way.

Care to follow along on this next big adventure? You can sign up for my monthly e-blast, capturing all of the best moments travel and design-wise as I go. You can also follow me on Instagram, as I continue to doodle away in my spare time about whatever musings come to mind.

Want to chat about a new project or just get in touch about travel and design? You can also always email me at liz.linn.b@gmail.com at any time.